Movies123 Alternatives & Sites Like Movies123 In 2022

Movies123 Alternatives

Movies123 is a multi-platform online and over-the-top (OTT) movie streaming provider. The fate of film enjoyment has been rewritten thanks to online movie streaming websites like Movies123. You’ve definitely seen a surge in the quantity and quality of free streaming services. With these, you can watch movies and TV episodes in ways that the standard remote cannot. When it comes to viewing entertainment, the cost is perhaps the most important consideration. Subscribing to a TV service, purchasing or renting new movies, shows, or series all contribute to your monthly expenditure. It makes no difference what type of content you bring out of the house to enjoy.

This is when free movie streaming programs such as Movies123 come in handy. Even though Movies123 is being used by millions of people around the world, a lot of them cannot. It is banned in many countries around the world, so you might need some Movies123 alternatives and other sites like Movies123 to watch movies, shows, and series online without downloading. Here in this post, we have listed some of the best free movie streaming sites like Movies123 which you can use in 2022. Remember not to submit any personal or banking information on these websites as they are made by individuals and not by a certain company.

Sites Like Movies123 To Watch Movies/TV Shows Online Without Downloading


Vumoo is a movie streaming website that enables visitors to download movies and web series. This streaming service may be a better option than Movies123. However, Vumoo has certain limitations as there are so many ads visible on the website. The user interface is attractive and simple for users to utilize and you will not face any issues in searching for anything. Vumoo portal has a vast selection of movies and television series from different genres so everyone can find something of their choice on it. Vumoo has the greatest assortment of old movies right now. Though it is not necessary but if you want then you can register yourself on the Vumoo website and take advantage of other features like creating playlists, saving content in your profile, commenting, downloading, and many more.


Don’t be misled by its strange and weird name. Vudu free streaming website is without a doubt the most popular alternative to Movies123. This video content site’s user interface is clean and convenient to use and visitors will not encounter any problems while browsing their content on Vudu. It also has got some of the top anime films. Viewers can download their favorite movies or web series from Vudu in addition to viewing them online. Streaming is quite simple, and a user may watch his or her favorite movie or show on this streaming service with only one click. The Afdah streaming site is free, and there is no need for a membership to download or view anything. Also, Vudu online movie streaming portal has a big library of movies and web series which is perfect for everyone.


Many people remember CONtv as Viewster, although its content and functionality haven’t altered much. Aside from a few free movies online, CONtv is still an anime fan’s dream. It has a large number of anime and video game-inspired TV series. CONtv also features a handful of B-movies. So, if you’re looking for scary material, there’s no better place to go than CONtv. Please keep in mind, nevertheless, that almost all of the films, episodes, and programs offered on the CONtv website aren’t free. Many are free to watch, while others require a paid subscription. Viewster was purchased by Cinedigm and eventually merged with CONtv’s network to form a larger streaming service.


In actuality, YouTube offers a large number of free movies in addition to those that can be rented or purchased — you simply have to watch advertising with them. Streaming has gotten much more enjoyable now that there are several places where you may watch movies online for free. Fortunately, there are several free online movie streaming sites available, such as YouTube, where you simply need to register for a free account or view any adverts along the route. Similarly, go to the Movies & Shows YouTube page and select “View All” next to the “Free To Watch” link. These free movies aren’t the most popular, but you could enjoy some of the movies and series in this area (especially the comedies) and there’s a lot of kid-friendly stuff if you have kids who want to watch some videos.


Last but not least, this service is ideal for people who simply want to stream a movie or web series without having to go through any long login/signup process. Veoh is a viable replacement to Movies123. It’s free, and there’s also the option to download stuff as well as stream it. Users will not see any advertisements which are like the cherry on the cake. This streaming site has few advertisements but they won’t bother much. Its enormous collection contains a wide range of genre-specific movies and television series. The user interface is straightforward and simple to use.  Users may also watch newly released movies by paying a fee. This streaming site also supports movie requests.

Final Words:

For most individuals, watching a free movie online will never be an easy task. VPNs are required by visitors from all around the globe in order to access lawful platforms. That is the only method to gain access to such video streaming services, which are often exclusively available in the United States. Other customers who do not necessarily wish to use such platforms may use a VPN to protect themselves from infection while visiting different streaming websites. However, we encourage that you should not violate copyright restrictions. We will keep adding more sites like Movies123 on this page, so you can use them to watch movies online without any worries.